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We Love Korea Because…

In Entertain Me on April 12, 2012 at 9:26 pm

So there has a been a lack of the usual topics rolling out at Inconseoulable of late, due to a few extra projects that are on the go.  One of which is happily completed!

My friend Doyoung Kim, of the band DMZ Picnic, and I have put together a video of what we know and love about Korea.  Nothing is for nothing these days and this is for a competition run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, so I will go ahead and shamelessly ask for your support to just check it out.  We had a quite a time putting it together, and it’s pretty much a 3 minute glimpse of what a Korean day can throw at you.

Thanks as always for your support 🙂


The Incheon Standard

In The Social Fabric on March 2, 2011 at 8:39 am

As someone who has grown up spending an inordinate amount of time in airports, it’s no surprise to learn that I’ve become a tad critical in my later years.  I try to keep an open mind and put my patient face on every time I encounter a new port, but every now and again that patience is tried.  One airport where  I have never had that experience is, thankfully and mercifully, Incheon Airport.  It is an airport I actually enjoy being in, and have no qualms about spending large amounts of time in wait.  There is a reason it has been voted the best airport in the world consecutively since 2005 by the Airports Council International.  Because it is.

On my way to Osaka this morning to complete the much resented visa run, and I’m flying Jeju Air.   In my confirmation email, my agent highlighted in red that I must be at Incheon 2 hours before departure.  Now as I said, I’ve been on planes once or twice, and everyone knows that is just to scare the newbies.  However after conversations with my boyfriend (who happens to be Korean), he wholeheartedly supported my agent’s instructions.  After not trusting his judgment recently on matters Korean….and being wrong…..I decided I would go with the numbers and turn up the required 2 hours early.  And yes that meant a 5am wake up call.  He had better be right.

But as if to ease the anxiety of all the uncertain things in life, Incheon Airport just exists to make my life easier.  Within 10 minutes of arriving by Airport Limousine Bus (incidentally the most efficient and affordable city airport transport system I’ve used), I was checked in.  No queue.  Friendly faces.  I’m pretty sure other passengers on the bus were still collecting their luggage.  10 more minutes later I had exchanged my currency, and yes, passed through security.  My feet were always moving.  I didn’t pause once.  5 more minutes later and I had passed through immigration.  Again, no queue.  A grand total of 25 minutes at the airport and am at a Starbucks  enjoying coffee and a ham and cheese bagel and taking advantage of the airport wide free wifi.

This airport has all the feelings of calm and efficiency.  It’s as if they’ve been doing this for a hundred years and could do it with their eyes closed.  For someone who travels frequently, I can’t tell you how appreciated the sense of ease and convenience is.  Actually, I can.  It’s great.  Whether it be arrivals or departures, I have yet  had cause to be irritated.  Of course, I realize the repercussions of jinxing myself with such a statement.  However, my affections and loyalty for this hub are already sealed and to me they can do no wrong. 

Waking Life

In Entertain Me on February 25, 2011 at 2:33 pm

Whilst idly trawling various events websites in search of new local delights, I came across the Laughing Tree Gallery.  A recently new space in Haebongcheon opened by American artist Adam Lofbomm and his wife Jessica, it promises to open its doors to the creative expat community.  One of the gallery’s regular highlights is its 8mm: Art Cinema screenings.  This unique bi-weekly showing of vintage and artistic films will sure to gain popularity in the coming months.  I for one will be fronting up for the March 30th screening of “Waking Life”, a film exploring the dream phenomenon.  I look forward to keeping an eye on the many exciting developments to come out of this space.

I Think I’ll Just Sit Here….

In The Social Fabric on February 25, 2011 at 2:24 pm

A part of what makes Seoul so enjoyable for me is the cafe scene.  Perhaps a byproduct of the fact that most people live with their families, and at very close quarters, there is an abundance of coffee houses large and small to shelter those seeking some space.  Today I’m in a bakery-come-cafe, and find myself surrounded by other like-minded ladies enjoying their solitude.  And that’s what prompted me to write this post, because it seems it is just ladies.  Of the 13 other patrons, 7 are women sitting alone, 2 are ladies catching up, 3 are a female study group, and the last is a man reading a book.  In a culture where being alone is often not encouraged, there are pockets of respite where one can just be by oneself and be.  There’s a real mixture of activities in this caffeine cave.  Some study, their heads bending closer and closer to their text books as if that will make them learn faster.  Some watch TV on their DMB phones.  Some just sit and stare.  I spend hours in places just like this, and they are hours well spent.