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‘Korea Only’ on tbs eFM 1013 Main Street – Plastic Surgery

In 'Korea Only' 1013 Main Street Podcasts on April 8, 2012 at 6:24 pm


This was a show I did a few weeks ago about the Korean obsession with plastic surgery.  Everywhere you go these days there are advertisements for everything from a nip/tuck to a full face restructure.  Double eyelid surgery is as common as getting your ears pierced, and is often given as a reward for good grades in school.


1.  Why is Plastic Surgery so popular?

  • To be beautiful
  • To fit in socially
  • To get a better job

2.  What are some common procedures?

  •  Double eyelid
  •  Nose job
  •  Calf reductions
  •  Jaw line shaving
  •  Butt implants

3.  Medical Tourism


‘Korea Only’ tbs eFM – Plastic Surgery mp3



‘Korea Only’ on tbs eFM 1013 Main Street – Variety Shows

In 'Korea Only' 1013 Main Street Podcasts on March 5, 2012 at 4:29 pm

I’ve currently been working at tbs eFM as a regular guest on the 1013 Main Street program, with the fabulous Ahn Jung Hyun.  The segment is called ‘Korea Only’ and each week we discuss topics of Korean society and culture that are unique and interesting.  It’s a fun show and definitely the highlight of my week, so I will be posting the podcasts of the show here for anyone interested.

I’ll be playing catch up a little and posting shows from a while back, so the first was one I did back in November about Korean Variety Shows.

Korean Variety shows can be a bit of a mystery to a non-Korean, and the humor can seem way off base.  However, given the chance you might find them to be more entertaining than you think.

1.  What are Korean Variety Shows?

2.  Muhan Dojeon (Infinite Challenge)

3.  Running Man

4.  We Got Married

5.  Happy Together

Click on the link below to listen