‘Korea Only’ on tbs eFM 1013 Main Street – Plastic Surgery

In 'Korea Only' 1013 Main Street Podcasts on April 8, 2012 at 6:24 pm


This was a show I did a few weeks ago about the Korean obsession with plastic surgery.  Everywhere you go these days there are advertisements for everything from a nip/tuck to a full face restructure.  Double eyelid surgery is as common as getting your ears pierced, and is often given as a reward for good grades in school.


1.  Why is Plastic Surgery so popular?

  • To be beautiful
  • To fit in socially
  • To get a better job

2.  What are some common procedures?

  •  Double eyelid
  •  Nose job
  •  Calf reductions
  •  Jaw line shaving
  •  Butt implants

3.  Medical Tourism


‘Korea Only’ tbs eFM – Plastic Surgery mp3



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