Hits From Someone Else’s Bong

In Entertain Me on April 26, 2011 at 12:13 am

It just goes to show that sometimes research can only go so far, but conversation sometimes yields the most interesting facts of all.  As a quick follow up to my recent post about the Seo Taeji and E Jiah scandal, I was recently educated on the musical accomplishments of Taeji and the Boys.  Turns out, as acclaimed as they may be, they were also accused of stealing.  Not unusual in the Korean music industry, as a number of artists have been drawn up on charges of pinching true musicians’ talent.  Sometimes it’s a stretch and sometimes it’s blatantly obvious.

Whilst not all of Taeji and the Boys’ stylings are from other sources, this song simply cannot be reasoned away.  During the fabulous 90’s with Hammer Pants and Kriss Kross making us Jump, Jump, Seo Taeji was clearly listening to far too much Cypress Hill.  Maybe he thought nobody would notice, but quite honestly I’m not sure how.  Of all the artists to copy, Cypress Hill is hardly the inconspicuous choice.  Yet it’s still refreshing to see that 90’s hip hop was thriving across all cultures, even if it were somewhat replicated.  To know that people of my generation from Korea are also familiar with similarly embarrassing 90’s hip hop dance moves, actually makes me feel closer.  They might not be exactly the same as Vanilla Ice or Marky Mark…..but they’re awfully close.   I’ll let you be the judge on the Cypress Hill connection.


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