I Think I’ll Just Sit Here….

In The Social Fabric on February 25, 2011 at 2:24 pm

A part of what makes Seoul so enjoyable for me is the cafe scene.  Perhaps a byproduct of the fact that most people live with their families, and at very close quarters, there is an abundance of coffee houses large and small to shelter those seeking some space.  Today I’m in a bakery-come-cafe, and find myself surrounded by other like-minded ladies enjoying their solitude.  And that’s what prompted me to write this post, because it seems it is just ladies.  Of the 13 other patrons, 7 are women sitting alone, 2 are ladies catching up, 3 are a female study group, and the last is a man reading a book.  In a culture where being alone is often not encouraged, there are pockets of respite where one can just be by oneself and be.  There’s a real mixture of activities in this caffeine cave.  Some study, their heads bending closer and closer to their text books as if that will make them learn faster.  Some watch TV on their DMB phones.  Some just sit and stare.  I spend hours in places just like this, and they are hours well spent.


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